Using the natural world as an inspiration an as a guide was the main purpose of this project. Following a visit to the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, Florida, I wanted to create a visual journey from one area of the gardens, to another. To do so, I abstracted the natural forms, using a series of shapes that followed a set of rules. I looked to abstract at least one plant, one flower, one animal, and one man-made object. I also worked with atypical composition sizes.

long 3TEST.jpg


The shape created by two or more overlapping circles, as well as different line patterns are my unifying shapes. I chose to use these fundamental units after a series of studies and exercises. By using these shapes, I can simply the objects that I found in the Selby Gardens as much as possible.


A plant

A Flower


AN Animal


A Man MAde object


8010 x 540 sequence

540 x 8010 sequence

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1920 x 1080 sequence