Inspired by Alan Lightman’s Einstein’s Dreams, I wanted to envision a title sequence for a potential movie of the text. To do so, I created a series of brief vignettes exploring reality, if time operated by different rules than we are accustomed to.





In order to create to convey the passing and distortion of time, I used paint textures and mathematical equations and deformed them with different effects in Photoshop. Afterwards, I printed them and dragged them through a scanner to distorted them even more. In the end, I brought them into After Effects, and animated them by distorting them even more.

Early Explorations

In my earliest explorations I struggled with making everything come together cohesively. Combining the mathematical formulas, the distorted paint and the type was not an easy task, especially when I had to make them all move in the same manner. Later I found that the solution was to simplify everything and use the same distortion techniques for all the elements.